How It Works

YourShelf couldn't be easier. Sign up, answer some questions, and pay for a bundle. We'll send you two hand-picked books along with our current Guest Curated book, all tied together with a nifty bow, and a note from our curators explaining why we've selected these books for you. You can order a bundle every other month, every month, every year - whatever floats your boat! You're not locked into any contract or rolling subscription, so you can be the master of your own readerly destiny.

Keeping Up To Date

For the most up-to-date information, including Guest Curator announcements, follow us on Twitter and/or Instagram (@_yourshelf_). We run lots of giveaways and other competitions on social media too, so be sure you're not missing out on your chance for some free books!

Who We Are

YourShelf is run by its founder, director and chief curator, Juliano Zaffino. Jay is an avid reader and writer, who is also studying for a PhD. Jay believes in the value of good books, and in championing marginalised and diverse voices.

Guest Curated Bundles

The Guest Curator programme began in 2019 with essayist Emilie Pine, who guest curated Lavinia Greenlaw's 'The Importance of Music to Girls'. Since then, every month we have invited our favourite women to select one book for inclusion in each monthly bundle, from Lauren Groff to Florence Welch. We have an exciting line-up for the rest of the year, too, from musicians to artists and beyond, all inspiring and interesting individuals with a passion for books.

Small Kindness Bundles

Inspired by musician and poet Florence Welch's plea to her concertgoers to "keep doing good in the ways that you can", YourShelf is proud to run the "Small Kindness Bundles" initiative, sending free bundles of books to followers and subscribers on a regular basis.

Women Only Bundles

Starting in 2019, YourShelf is thrilled to only be including books written by women in our bundles. There is a pandemic of ignorance not only within the literary industry but amongst its clientele, and we want to join those who are taking a stand to raise the issue, to educate, to open eyes to the fact that the default for good literature isn't "male-authored". We were particularly inspired to undertake this endeavour in the wake of Lauren Groff's phenomenal By The Book feature for the New York Times.

Random Bundles

If you're too busy to fill in a complete reader's profile, or if you just want to be surprised by what you get, we can help! Just sign up, leave your reading info blank and put a brief request in the 'Notes' box at the bottom. We'll send you a randomised bundle with three of the best books we can get our hands on.


YourShelf bundles will vary in cost every month, depending on our Guest Curated book - so make sure to check every month! (As a ball-park figure, they are usually around £25-£30.) Postage is included in the cost for UK customers only (see below).


We are now accepting sign-ups from many countries: UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Canada, the USA, New Zealand and the Russian Federation. Outside of the UK, customers will incur some additional postage charges; try ordering a bundle to your country to see an up-to-date cost. If you would like to see your home country added to the list, let us know!


We don't accept returns. By placing your order, you agree to receive three books as selected by our curators. In the unlikely event that your books arrive damaged, or you believe we've really messed something up, please email [email protected] as soon as possible.

Your Data

Your data will never be shared with anyone outside of YourShelf. We only use your data for the purpose of curating your books and sending them to you. Additional data, like your social media handles, are only for us to get a better idea of your reading needs when we're stuck for that last good book. Additional data is always optional.